Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love Story

Do you ever watch movies or television shows, or read books and hear songs that leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach? That make you giggle or your heart feel fluttery?

I find that more often then I even realise sometimes.

I'm just a girl at the end of the day and like the girly girl I am I like to watch romantic comedies or anything involving romance really; In particular I like the kind of movie, show, or book when you know that no matter how bad things get that even if it isn't a happy ever after in the traditional sense everything's going to be ok. Is that so bad?

I like to think I'm an optimist somedays when I see or read something that's beautiful to, thinking and believing that one day maybe it'll be my story that gets told. One day.

But it's ok - I have all the time in the world. And not to mention all the things I still have to do - writing and reading and archaeology and everything.

That being said here's the latest: I know who the villian really is now in the world of Daphne Savoy. : D

Monday, November 29, 2010


After 30 days of trying to write a novel, long hours typing, procrastination, writer's block, inspiration and pesky Uni exams in between the day and moment has finally arrived.

It makes me happy to know that once again I have succeeded in completing a 50,000 words of a  novel. Of course, 50,000 words of just story is a novel no where near complete. That's a competition for another time. 
But as for this one, g'night NaNo. See you next year.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

I have often wasted many hours just wishing that the love I write, read and dream about is never coming in my direction - at least not anytime soon.

And, well, that's just not true. It has been brought to my attention more than once and most recently the other night that not only am I just as worthy and just as awesome as other girls but I have a star shinning on me too, that one day will show me the way.

Although love is an intangible and ever-changing idea I find that in times of hardship when I often lose sight of my star and wonder if it will ever come, that there are always songs and stories to catch me falling and bring me back. No matter the circumstance love will always be around in one form or another, and I just have to believe that when it is my turn I will know. Until then I have every right and intention to be just myself, the way I am and the way I want to be. And that doesn't include feeling second best or being treated like it.

I won't be your shadow.

So, why are there so many songs about rainbows? I am a lover and I am a dreamer, and the Rainbow Connection is most certainly one song that raises the hope in my heart about the world we cannot see, the things we do not know and the love we want to share. It is about keeping on and believing even when times are hard because someday we'll understand. It's not even just about love or hope, it's about the entire chain of being that flits around when we're half asleep or in our dreams. Loved ones we don't see or friends that have passed. It's not about religion or about death but it considers both, it's not about wishing on a star or about a dream. It's about all of these things.

So, why are there so many songs about rainbows? The truth is I don't really know, maybe because a rainbow is both beautiful, mysterious and it gives hope. Just like love.

And so, like Kermit, I will believe in rainbows; I will sing about them and wait to learn what's on the other side. There always is one.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
and what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.
So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
I know they're wrong, wait and see.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Who said that every wish would be heard
and answered when wished on the morning star?
Somebody thought of that and someone believed it.
Look what it's done so far.
What's so amazing that keeps us star gazing
and what do we think we might see?
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

All of us under its spell. We know that it's probably magic.

Have you been half asleep and have you heard voices?
I've heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that called the young sailors.
The voice might be one and the same.
I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
It's something that I'm supposed to be.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Freaky Friday Teaser

I needed to be alone after hearing all that I had, so I grabbed my coat and took off outside. Eric didn’t try to stop me because he knew what I needed without me having to even say so.
So wrapped in my coat and with knit cap down over my ears, I wandered out into the cool, icy streets of Paris alone. I hadn’t decided where I was headed just yet, but as I bypassed some of the most iconic and beautiful scenes and buildings I’d ever known I found myself in a place that drew me; I was in the cemetery.
In specific, I found that I had come to stop near the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the world famous burial ground of the ill-fated and well-loved Oscar Wilde.
It didn’t take very long to find his tomb, deeply entrenched within the grounds, his remains marked by an angel of beauty and sweet sorrow, reflecting the peace that he had never been allowed in life. The lower parts of the monument were covered in flowers, letters and the most kiss marks I’d ever seen – all tributes to the optimistic and modernist writer of old. Both straight, homosexual and those that just weren’t sure came to see this tomb, asking for advice, giving thanks and praying.
I had never been here before, but had always wanted to come. I’d planned to buy a special tube of red lipstick for the occasion, paint my mouth and kiss the monument and silently pray for deliverance from worry because if anyone ever knew how to see light in the dark, it was Oscar Wilde.
I bent down to kneel beside the tomb and shuffled through my pockets to find the only lipgloss i had on me – a clear balm. No one would ever see my kiss.
I applied the gel and rubbed my lips, the cooling feel a little soothing, then I pressed my lips to the cold stone right below the epitaph engraved into the tomb.
I felt instantly calm, as if I was no longer alone in the cemetery and when dusk began to descend upon the area I traced the epitaph with my fingers.
“And alien tears will fill for him,” It read. “Pity's long-broken urn, For his mourners will be outcast men, And outcasts always mourn.”
I thought about how much Oscar Wilde had influenced the people of today, and my life as well, his philosophies and optimism in the face of fear and defeat were phenomenal, encouraging of those who couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought about what he would say if I could meet him, what he would do to negate the impending danger and mysteria heading towards me and the other members of the Department back home.
Oscar Wilde would never let the fates keep him down.
“How would you presume to know what it is that I would and would not do?”
When I think back on this moment I think perhaps I should have expected something to happen when it did when taking into account that I was a) already a proven mediator to spirits, b) in a cemetery at dark, no matter how famous or popular, and c) I had come seeking some form of guidance. Here it was. 

Fail at Blogging

I realised that as a potential and aspiring author, I truly don't blog enough.

What the HELL kind of writer doesn't write to the public? Wasn't that why I started this blog in the first place, to write, connect with other writers and show the world what I can do?

Well, bring it world. Here come the blogs.

Starting with the latest Teaser from my newest book.

Let's call if Freaky Friday Teasers!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Angst and Egyptology

A bouquet of tulips, roses and lilacs in a rainbow of colours sat in the middle of my desk, at least 3 boxes of chocolates lined up beside them. Roy Fonda sat on my desk beside them, legs crossed and looking cheeky, wavy blonde hair framing a face like an angel’s.
“Happy birthday, Red.” He said as I walked into the Department of Egyptology, hat in hand and scarf undone. “You’re looking lovely and rosy this morning.”
I took one look at the offerings that he’d laid out on top of the classification charts that I’d been fussing over the day before and returned his beam.
“Never say you’re going soft on me, Roy, would hate to break that darling little heart of yours.”
“Just trying to make sure you picked the right friend, Eric is a jerk, remember?” With that he picked up a rose, put it between his teeth and said, “care to tango, mon amour?”
The man of once-questionable persona, at least where I was concerned, stalked out of the office of my boss and his confident, Dr Frank Kensington, the later with spectacles in hand, on his heels.
“The chocolates are from me as well, Daphne,” the later explained, coming over to hand me a small gift box wrapped in sparkly blue paper. “As is this one; I didn’t trust Roy not to open it and peek.”
I accepted the gift Frank handed me in a burst of excitement, forcing myself to unwrap it like a lady rather than tearing the paper like I wanted to. Behind Frank, Eric smacked Roy on the back of the head. “Quit trying to seduce my girlfriend,” I heard him joke.
The small box was from a jeweller in London, one I wasn’t familiar with, and as I opened it up I let out a gasp of delight. Inside was a silver pendant in the shape of the symbol of Ankh, also known as the ‘key of life’. A small red gemstone in its centre.
“Traditionally I would have gotten gold, but Gloria said something to me about skin tones I didn’t quite understand and suggested I invest in a silver replica instead.” Frank smiled and patted his breast pocket; the one I knew was bound to contain his old-fashioned pocket watch. “I wanted you to have a piece of Egypt that you could keep. Ones that wouldn’t give you nightmares, of course.”
“Oh, Frank, it’s wonderful!” I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly, hardly noticing as he patted my back awkwardly, before pulling away.
Frank cleared his throat. “Well, jolly good then. Do put it on, Daphne.”
Eric came over taking the pendant from me as I moved my hair to the side and let him fasten it. The pendant dropped about an inch above my cleavage. “Thank you, Frank. It’s just lovely.” My skin tingled slightly, but I couldn’t tell if it was from Eric’s touch or the coolness of the pendant.