Monday, June 18, 2012

Red Dust, Closed Doors & New Adventures

When you close doors in life you leave yourself open for new doors to open. 
Usually, you won't know where this new door has opened for a while, what's behind it, or where it will lead 

but isn't that the adventure of it all?

Why worry? 

I shut some doors on the weekend. Rather slammed them shut and threw away the keys because keeping them open any longer was both more painful and fruitless than I deserve. It wasn't the doorway to Narnia, wedging it open did not guarantee me the wisdom of Aslan or the reprieve of revolution. Like Narnia, though, keeping it open let the cold in. 

So I shut it. Bolted the lock. Tossed the key. 
May he never come back to ever bother me.

And that truly is the beauty of a new adventure and sort of new beginning. 

As I sit on the doorstep to my room at one of our sunburnt Pilbara's mining villages, having finally finished with university, found my luck with a great job, and travelled the X amount of miles to be sitting on this doorstep tonight, I'm glad. I won. I stopped myself from letting the open door consume me; I tore back my heart, warmed my own soul. And I'm glad. 

It's time to do all the things I want to do, tick off the lists I've made, worry about what adventure to tackle next. Closing that door was for the best; closing that door strong.

Closing that door opened HUNDREDS of new doors. 

And I sure as hell cannot wait to get the party started. I'm not even going to wait until Saturday night. 

Life is a miracle, life has much to offer. Sometimes you just have refresh your mind about what good might just be coming your way.